St Kilda East Apartment (2 Bedroom, 1 Bath)

Listed: $380,000 - $420,000

Sold at Auction October 2013: $495,000

Value Add: $75,000

Comparable apartment in same complex passed in on vendor bid $380,000 March 2015

An interstate vendor needed their St Kilda East investment property to stand out from the crowd. With a multitude of 2-bedroom properties available in the area at a similar price point, we wanted this property to be one buyers would remember.  

Using mid-century classics, vibrant colour choices and three large-scale original artworks, this property garnered plenty of interest online and on auction day.  

This translated to many active bidders at the auction and a sale price that was $75,000 over the top-end of the guide.  Both agent and vendor were amazed with the result, with a comparable apartment in same complex passed in on a vendor bid $380,000 in March 2015.  

Style Warrior Interiors did a stellar effort in styling our St Kilda East apartment for the auction campaign. Their creative thinking and clever placement of quality furnishings significantly improved the appearance of the apartment. Our agent praised the outcome and we’re truly confident the sale price we achieved was heavily influenced by their work.
— Ash and Tracy, St Kilda East Property Owners